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HeyNomad is devoted to advancing the remote work revolution by connecting remote job seekers with distributed companies searching for talent. We aim to be the facilitators of mutually beneficial and fruitful working relationships by bringing together like-minded people and organizations.
In the virtual workplace, everyday challenges have taken a new shape and it may often seem like we are improperly prepared to meet them. We believe this requires new ways of thinking and a set of tools to help us navigate these unique circumstances in order to make the most of them. HeyNomad is a place dedicated to all members of the remote working community, where we shed light on current issues around timeless ideas, such as work, life, technology, and the future. We want to provide participants in the remote work arena with the material and knowledge needed to grow professionally, personally and inter-personally. Life is much like a game with constantly changing rules. To stay ahead, you need to update your skill and mental arsenal accordingly.


Founded and run by Madalina Pruteanu and Gabriel Luca, HeyNomad got its inspiration in Berlin, in the spring of 2018, when the two of us decided to renounce our traditional office jobs and start on the remote work path. Along the way, plans changed — as they often do — until suddenly we were in Romania, deciding to build a global platform for all the remote workers and companies out there. Our contribution to this global shift in paradigm is that we're not just looking to get people employed. We want them to embrace the digital worker lifestyle and everything it comes with — the good and the bad. It is our conviction that remote work is the future we’re headed to and pretty much all of us will have to take the plunge eventually. As early adopters, we have both the advantage and responsibility to help shape the direction this will take and create new possibilities for people to change the way they live and work.
Socrates famously said that ”The unexamined life is not worth living”. Taking his advice, we invite you to embrace and prepare for the future by first examining how you relate to the present and to the three most important dimensions that make you who you are: your relationships, your work, and your self.
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